2019 Featured Speakers and Talent

We’re bringing together many of today’s brightest visionaries! This list is expanding so stay tuned for more additions!

Gavin Newsom

Governor, California

Gopi Kallayil

Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google

Dr. Erica Anderson

Renowned Clinical Psychologist & Expert in Transgender Healthcare

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder & Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center

Joan Blades

Co-founder, MoveOn.org, LivingRoomConversation.org

Patch Adams

A Clown who Became a Doctor To Bring his Hospital to the World

Sister Dr. Jenna

Spiritual Mentor, Author

Climbing Poetree

Musicians, Artivists, Speakers

Elijah Ray


Dereca Blackmon

Assistant Vice Provost, Stanford University

Stephen Dinan

President & CEO of The Shift Network

Trina Wyatt

Founder & CEO of Conscious Good

Christine Marie Mason

Founder of Rosebud Woman

Matthew Fox

Spiritual Theologian

Elaine Whitefeather

Executive Director, A Community for Peace

David Gershon

Co-Founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Author, Editor of Tikkun

Cat Zavis

Executive Director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives

Mikki Willis

Founder, ELEVATE

Mayor Heidi Harmon

Mayor of San Luis Obispo

Elisa Parker

Co-Founder & President, See Jane Do

John Wood, Jr.

Director of Media Development, Better Angels

Laura Hansen

Board President and Co-Founder, Chill Sacramento

John Gable

Founder, AllSides

Roberto Vargas

Principal Consultant, New World Associates

Lila Taff

Yoga Teacher

Felipe Zimmer

Author, Spiritual Messenger

Rev. Dr. Joy Johnson

President, SacACT

Jami Sieber

Renowned Electric Cellist, Vocalist & Composer

Andrew Hewitt

Creator of GameChangers 500

Fumi Johns Stewart

Executive Director of May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Dr. Brian Swimme

Director of the Center for the Story of the Universe, Professor at the CIIS in SF

Chris Deckker

Co-founder of OneDome Global

Whitney Davis

Diversity & Inclusion Executive

Philip M. Hellmich

Director of Peace at The Shift Network, Author

Brenda Gustin, Ph.D

writer, speaker, educator, healing facilitator and social innovator

Nina Simons

Co-founder & Chief Relationship Strategist at Bioneers

Teiahsha Bankhead

Executive Director of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)

Devaa Haley Mitchell

Co-Founder of The Shift Network

Jeffrey Smith

Founder & Executive Director, Institute for Responsible Technology

Paola di Florio

Filmmaker, Founder & President of Counterpoint Films

Peter Rader

Director: Business & Creative Affairs, Counterpoint Films

Jess Magic

Visionary Director

Joel Soloman

Founding Partner, Renewal Funds

Minna Sivola

Sound Healing Practitioner

Dr. Roger Jahnke

CEO, Health Action Synergies

Lilia Luciano

Award-Winning Investigative Journalist

Kathy Le Backes

Vice President of Development & Research at Wise Entertainment

Reinette Senum

Mayor of Nevada City

Sonny Walebowa

District #2 Compassion Ambassador / Compassionate Sacramento

Rosa Lee Harden

Co-Founder of SOCAP & Episcopal Priest

Amanda Chen

VP of Social Impact, Participant Media

Christopher Gallo

Conscious Filmmaker, Cinematographer

Clare Dubois

Founder, TreeSisters.org

Desda Zuckerman

Founder, Sacred Anatomy

Amandine Roche

Human Rights Expert

Tynya Beverly

District #3 Compassion Ambassador/Compassionate Sacramento

Rudy Westervelt

Chair of the Rotary World Peace Conference 2020

Lisa A. Berkley

Advisor / Compassionate CA, City Councilmember / Marina, CA

Felicia Lenee Williams

CoFounder / Compassionate ARTS in Action

Jonah Sachs

Author, Speaker & Viral Marketing Pioneer

Joan Marie

CoFounder, Compassionate Capital Region

Melissa Hensel, LCSW

District #6 Compassion Ambassador / Compassionate Sacramento

Zoë Muntaner

Founder of Compassionate Santa Monica

Rebecca Kaplan

Oakland Councilmember At-Large

Rich DDT

Interactive Installation Designer, Live Electronic Music Producer/Performer

Brenda Kress

Founder, Just Imagine

Louis Schwartzberg

Award-winning Cinematographer, Director & Producer

Rebeca Mendoza

Intuitive Psychic Counselor & Indigenous Ceremony Facilitator

DJ Dragonfly

Renowned DJ, Producer

Sylvia Brallier

Author, Artist and Activist

Michele Mariscal

Speaker, Skilled Facilitator, Author

Jasmine Dellafosse

The CA Endowment President's Youth Council

Joy Donnell

Producer, Brand strategist and Author

Karla Ortiz

The CA Endowment President's Youth Council

Dr. Nicole Haggard

Award-winning Instructor, Speaker and Published Researcher

Morning Star Gali

Project Director, Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Tabby Biddle

Women’s Leadership Coach, Strategist, Writer

Kimberly Gudiño

The CA Endowment President's Youth Council

Naima Shalhoub

Restorative Women & Girls Services Coordinator, RJOY

Katherine Culberg

Program Director, RJOY

Surina Khan

CEO, Women’s Foundation

Ellen Barry

Development Director, RJOY

Garry “Malachi” Scott

Re-entry/Community Restorative Justice Coordinator, RJOY


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